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Wednesday, Mar 1  

Server Guide
Gargoyle has written a server guide. Pretty cool for people who want to start their own server. Grab em here.

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Demystifying the southeast coast villas in mauritius -July 29, 2016

In the popular imagination, the southeast coast of Mauritius is ostracized and regarded as the poor cousin of the island. Vacationers and tourists are flocking happily on the sunny sands and warm lagoons of the north, west and south of the island but unfortunately shunning the region. This bias, however, is unfounded and this article might as well be called “demystify the southeast coast.”
The east coast of villas in mauritius  bad press and is perceived as wet, cold and windy throughout the year and in fact, is not in the odor of sanctity with tourists for a tropical vacation on an island. It is true however that the coast is sometimes is subject to heavy rainfall every year; it has the occasional winter charm in the standard of the islands, and sometimes violent winds come sometimes shake the buds in May, but these weather disturbances are more pronounced in the East than in other parts of the island and are circumscribed at particular times of the year.
The summer luxuriant stretches from November to April as temperatures flirt everywhere on the island around 30ºC on the thermometer. These months are also marked by high humidity but that is compensated by constant sea breezes which makes the temperature bearable. If cyclones should affect the time in Mauritius, they will do it in the summer, bringing strong winds and heavy rains between January and March. Winter in Mauritius, compared to the rest of the world, is fairly sweet, with temperatures around 24ºC. The fall of the moisture that it is a very pleasant time to visit the country, and even if some winds on the east of the island, it is not comparable to the Mediterranean for example.
Several sports activities are dictated by the seasons. Early morning is from December March is the best time for diving and snorkelling as the water is warmest and clearest. Cooler temperatures and little wind are between June and August, it is ideal for sailing, kite surfing and windsurfing, and there is also sailing competitions held throughout each year for this season. Although the winter months are perfect for lounging outside, there are several other activities like surfing that make the island is the perfect place for sports holidays, and even in the middle of winter, you get occasional warm and pleasant days. In terms of vacation home so we recommend the east coast between the second part of October and May. Of course, there will be some rain during these months, especially if hurricanes affecting the island, but it is then a pleasant summer rains that affect the whole island, not just the East Coast. During the summer, there are often light winds, but when temperatures can exceed 30ºC, the refreshing winds are welcome.
Not only can the East Coast boast of hosting some of the longest beaches on the island, but it also has the largest lagoon that spans over twenty-two kilometers from the southeast in Pointe D ‘ Esny to Trou d’Eau Douce.The coastal road along this part of the island is among the most spectacular ever; unsullied by walls or buildings, it proudly displays landscapes breathtaking, ranging from lush mountain vegetation with clear water and a sparkling blue lagoon.
The famous island, Ile aux Cerfs, located beyond the east coast can easily be reached by boat. With his amazing sandbars and a world famous golf course, you will absolutely visit. While it is very popular both within the local population as among tourists, it is always possible to find a quiet corner where you can swoon at the beauty of the island. Various water sports are offered throughout the year and even during the windiest winters; This is a small glimpse of paradise just waiting to be discovered.

Get down weight doing exercises on Wii! -July 20, 2016

Who said video game console was just to play and hang out? Here is a fun and simple way to lose weight: exercise with the Nintendo Wii Fit. No matter if you are working all day and do not match your schedule with gym. Make time to train will be easier if you can do from your home and having a good time.

If you want to accompany your Pastillas para Adelgazar with physical activity, try to eat healthy and play on the Wii. If you take it seriously, you’ll burn kilos and kilos of useless body fat making progress every day. It does not mean that because it’s a game can not help you lose weight. Anyway, it is best to combine sport at home with an exit outdoors, for example, a gentle walk or a bike ride on a sunny day.

Alternating both forms of physical activity will allow you to have a comprehensive routine and keep you motivated. always doing the same tires, so it is best to practice every day with Wii Fit and hot weather or shine, go train the street. Vary your workout to have fun and lose weight in a healthy way.


  • You can train when you want.
  • It is ideal for busy people who fail to go to the gym or moms who can not leave home but need exercise.
  • It offers many different training alternatives.
  • The Wii is very easy to use.
  • It allows monitor the progress of your diet.
  • You know for sure how many calories you’re burning and at what time.

Fun with video games is the last thing you shopped happen if you lose kilos. But there are already thousands of people who have managed to lose weight and shape your figure only playing Wii. This Nintendo offers not only a variety of exercises and activities to lose weight, but it also gives you tools to monitor your nutritional plan.With the commands you can control your avatar just as you see in commercials, no secrets or deception.

Naturally, the exercises done with the machine are different from traditional activities. Now we will see in detail what kind of training you can do in your Nintendo Wii.

  • Yoga

With the excellent Wii controls, you can practice this discipline knowing if you are breathing well and doing the positions properly. On screen, the avatar does the same to you so you can easily monitor you, without losing concentration.

  • Strength Training

As in yoga, strength exercises must maintain certain way to be effective together with Pastillas para Adelgazar you take. With the console you will have options to tone your muscles by the postures and movements appropriate. Train specific to carve your figure and see strong areas.

  • aerobics

The console has more than 40 different aerobic exercises to choose from; including hula hula hoop, trot, rhythmic boxing, step mode climbing … do you dare to try? If you want to sweat and burn calories, explore these options.


The console not only guide you to be active and burn calories: more than that, it will be your companion every day so that you get the ideal body. By losing weight, there are items that are modified and must control: the kilos, body mass index, physical endurance, balance the body in general. all your progress easily measured to correct errors quickly and get the result you want, without recovering the lost kilos.

A new version of Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus. It has some additional to the traditional model tools and allows you to load the old data from the first console to the new one. Anyway, we mention two of the most useful resources, sharing both versions.

  • BMI, the body mass index one indicator of obesity. This is measured by two factors: height and weight. If the calculation gives more than 25 points it means you’re at the limit of what you healthy and increase physical activity to lose weight.
  • Balance Center: software that handles measure whether your body weight is well distributed among the different areas when you stop. If the weight is not distributed correctly you can suffer some variations in health, such as one foot is larger than the other.

Market research on Video Games -July 8, 2016


For a long time it has been difficult to tell which was the first video game , mainly because of the multiple definitions have been established, but it can be considered as first game the Nought and Crosses , also called OXO, developed by Alexander S.Douglas in 1952. the game was a computerized version of noughts andcrosses that ran on the EDSAC and allowed confront a human player against the machine.

The video game industry is growing much and more and more people out there playing , so we decided to create survey sites and do research on 800 people where you know their habits and opinions about video games.

The first thing we wanted to know was how many people have console, and 88% have at least one. The most common is Xbox , 55% of respondents have; followed by Play Station with 39%. And of course, to ask what is the best console 46% responded that the Xbox.

We could see that most were not enough to simply have the console and a few games , and want more, finish a game and start the next. There are also accessories like guitars , headset with microphone, pistols and more that make playing video games is a fun and interactive experience. 62% of those who have consoles also have accessories; the 3 most common accessories are the memories with 38%, 33% headsets and finally the flyers 20%.

What games they play and with whom?

Taking games sports, combat, races, weapons, adventures, life simulation, educational and more ; we needed to know what kind of games are the most popular, asked what were the 3 types of games that most respondents played and the winners were the adventure, weapons and races with 62%, 57% and 50% respectively.

The company of respondents preferred to play video games are the family (mainly children, siblings and cousins) with 35%, followed by friends at 22% and there is a 21% commonly played without company . There is also the mode of playing online with a stranger, 11% of respondents reported that this is the way we usually play.

Where games are achieved …

The most common place to buy video games are the department stores with 46% , followed by 33% in specialty stores .


Games Good or Bad?

There has always been much controversy about whether games are good or bad for children, and asked the opinion of the people, 90% believed that video games encourage you to think , reflect and deduce many things; while the rest sees video games as something that only serves to fill the leisure hours. Taking into account that the games weapons are preferred, we asked our panelists if they believe such games have a negative effect on children: the answer was that 68% thinks so .

The best movies based on video games -July 7, 2016

Sincerely better do a reverse ranking, based on the worst movies of video games , this because there are not really many wonders in the movie gamer. Despite this point I put all my efforts to make given below and as always I invite you to expand or modify the list in the comments section selection. Let ‘s start with our humble ranking of the best movies about video games. These movies are easily found at movie25

Max Payne (2008)

Action games and shooting are nothing simple when it comes to take them to the big screen, however the great background and history of Max Payne deserved undoubtedly a good film adaptation. Unfortunately this did not happen. With the participation of stars like Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis film tried to cover a lot in a very short time and in a general conclusion the film left little taste.

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva (2009)

Professor Layton is a series of video games for nothing boring full of puzzles and riddles but that can be considered for a child audience. His film like the game (and thankfully) is also an animated film, but as for film and more film based on video game leaves much to be desired. Despite this are the main characters and voices are the original, so if you’re a fan of the game you will not see so disappointed.

Silent Hill (2006)

The film Silent Hill is the clear demonstration that is very difficult to convey the emotions provoked by a video game to the big screen where there is no real interaction. Although the film has tried suspense and terror of the game the difference between the two is abysmal. Similarly I want to emphasize the good work done in the film which despite not having the stress of the game manages to keep you glued to the couch thinking that something can take you from behind.

DOA: Dead or Alive (2006)

DOA: Dead or Alive is simply what it should be. I think it would have been very difficult to make a better film of such a basic game. The movie is funny, shows scenes of action and some girls fighting in bikinis … what more can I ask?

Prince of Persia: The Sands Of Time (2010)

Despite what they say many film critics consider Prince of Persia: The Sands Of Time is a very good film based on the eponymous video game. Good special effects, good actors and an interesting narrative make this film a good production that combines both worlds. Not excellent, of course, but for what the rest of the competition in the genre, is quite good.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005)

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is the continuation in the form of film Final Fantasy VII, the game released in 1997. If you did not play the game probably will not understand a damn what happens in the film. Beyond this, the film is good, although a little streaky and with a slightly confusing narrative. FF fans say otherwise of course.

Resident Evil (2002-XXXX)

The saga Resident Evil movie has been really successful, with five films released globally and two more thoughtful and future. Despite not being really faithful to the game these films combine action, horror and suspense as much as the console title. The main role of Milla Jovovich as Alice has directed the entire series and the truth is that much to write performance level. Other characters in the game as Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong and Albert Wesker have already made an appearance on the big screen.

Mortal Kombat (1995)

When adaptation is really hard conceived the results are not always entirely good, Mortal Kombat 1995 is a clear example. Today it has become almost a cult filmwith its millions of viewers and it is noteworthy that within everything is not so bad.Just look at the film Mario Bros to realize the squalid things that were done at that time.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is a visually stunning film for 2001. His visual effects surprise even today. Added to this the film was not stealing ideas from any particular game and created a story based on all the elements that constitute the universe of Final Fantasy. Personally it was not a movie that I loved, but I recognize a good fit and a good entertainment product when I see it.

Lara Croft (2001-XXXX)

Perhaps the title to the best film adaptation of a video game would bring the saga Lara Croft played by Angelina Jolie. In 2001 the tomb raider was still at the peak of his career and his 2001 film and 2003 he finished establish itself as an iconic figure in the gamer world. Action, mystery and a wide variety of locations combine to give life to Lara Croft in these films. Apparently we could have a new film in 2014 but little is known about it yet.

What do you think of this ranking of the best video game movies? We invite you to review them and add new ones in the comments section. Furthermore we invite you to visit our article on 5 games that love to see on the big screen .

Meet one of the best suites in Mauritius -July 4, 2016

Found by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century, the Republic of Mauritius is the farthest island in the southwest Indian Ocean. Tucked within tropical landscapes and crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, overlooking the lagoon, a sanctuary of rest.

The resort is home to the Mauritius luxury villas, which has been renovated to improve guest comfort and amenities offered. Although not the largest hotel villa is the best located with a direct view of the lagoon. It has three rooms with panoramic views of the place, plus easy access to the spa, dining and water sports area.


The villa has a private access that connects to two adjacent rooms to create a complex with the capacity to accommodate 14 guests. Inside the suite , a spacious hall leads guests into the dining area, then move on to the kitchen which has entrance for staff who can prepare custom dishes (on request and with extra charge).


The huge glass doors give way to the outside, where there is a dining room, lounge area, swimming pool with relaxation area and a pavilion. The latter, the best place to enjoy views of the lagoon.

The modern villa was decorated by local designer Virgine Dalais, who gave a particular style to every room in the suite . The master bedroom, with east view , which allows you to enjoy the sunsets with perfect- angle is decorated with natural fabrics and bright colors. The bathroom has a tub and outdoor shower, excellent for those who want to enjoy the Mauritian nature.

A private paradise, the hotel has 135 villas, three restaurants offering international cuisine and spa dedicated to connecting the “I” inside guests.


To make a reservation visit: www.mauriclick.com

Cornered, Christopher Lee appears from the gaming business -July 1, 2016

Millionaire businessman facing foreclosure and an open fight with the government of Mauricio Macri. There are talks with investors from Spain.

Millionaire businessman facing foreclosure and an open fight with the government of Mauricio Macri.  There are talks with investors from Spain.  Also it sells Finansur Bank and insurer Generali.

Millionaire businessman facing foreclosure and an open fight with the government of Mauricio Macri. There are talks with investors from Spain. Also it sells Finansur Bank and insurer Generali.


Beset by judicial and political pressure, businessman Christopher Lee made the decision to divest one of its most prized business: the game. An empire that knew how to build the heat of kirchnerista power and spread throughout the country.

Lopez is currently the owner of 30% of Casino Club, company with more than twenty casinos and slot machines, a portion of the Floating Casino of Buenos Aires, one of the Casino de Rosario, one of Palermo Hippodrome and another of Casino Magic.

Along with the game, Lopez wants to sell assets of the Indalo Group, as the Finansur Bank, insurer Generali Argentina and possibly Alkalis of the Patagonia, the only producer of sodium carbonate in the country. “If I’m the problem, I go ” he told his colleagues. In the last time he was seen dejected and tired.

Although the legal and media scandal with the AFIP for its multibillion dollar debt ended the good mood of Lopez, the certainty that the government of Mauricio Macri will not rest until “put in a box” -and that means selling the game because with that has liquid- money was the main trigger for resolving away from that world. Another reason to get rid of assets is the need to capitalize on the operations of companies Indalo.

War. Macri believes he has personal and political reasons to corner him. Among the personal are the criticisms he received from C5N , the channel Lopez, during the election campaign.

Also, do not forget that, until the end, the channel is played by the Peronist candidate,Daniel Scioli . Among political reasons, Cristóbal López Macri accused of being part of a kirchnerista business community that was enriched with black money.

First, he removed the grant of the Ezeiza-Cañuelas highway. Now, plans to modify rules for Your Business Digital. And ordered to perform an audit on all business with the State of which the employer participates.

To “order” the rule of the game, Macri put his personal lawyer, Fabian “Pepin” Rodriguez Simon , as a partner with Casino Club. But in the first meeting with shareholders, including Lopez, all out of hand. “He asked us to pay upfront fee 12% of Gross Revenues and that we pay for all the years that we had not done. But that’s not legal. They decided they go to war “, they explained about the employer.

It is a war that, at least in the field of play, Lopez does not want to. To his way, he offered his share of Casino Club to other shareholders, but they answered that they did not have enough money. A concrete possibility is that meanwhile the Spaniards buy Cirsa, who share society in the Floating Casino and the Casino de Rosario. But Lopez will not give away what you have; therefore, studies agree with other bidders . Cirsa has an additional reason to take other casinos. In 2019 he wins the award Floating Casino and, if not renewed, will be left with little flavor.

Federico Achával , his partner in the Buenos Aires Hippodrome, belies that you go to buy your part. ” There are no negotiations or talks , ” they said near De Achával. Lopez faces lawsuits that have nothing to do with the game. One of them, for debt with the AFIP, other for alleged kickbacks. That your name is linked to that of Lázaro Báezinfuriates him . A businessman who knew how to become great before Nestor and Cristina Kirchner is considered. And think Báez, however, only thanks to kirchnerismo expanded. But he knows that, at least with the macrismo, it is time to step back.


Shopping in Miami

On Friday May 6 could be seen Christopher Lopez shopping in Miami with his current partner, Ingrid Grudke . According to the photos published News , the businessman was in one of his favorite destinations. There has an apartment and travels frequently to theUnited States.

The businessman has just returned from this short break to deal squarely in their business. According to people who saw in recent weeks, Christopher is not in good spirits. Appearing in the media alters court cases. So, bet to divest some businesses to see if there is tranquility, and to see if you get capital to finance the rest of its business.

Rune Dev Update -Revolver, 29/02

Billy asked Human Head's Chris Rhinehart for another development update on their pcoming viking game, Rune. You can check Chris' reply at Voodoo Extreme

DS9 The Fallen shots -Revolver, 29/02

The Federation HQ recieved some screenshots showing the Unrealengine game DS9: The Fallen. Pretty cool shots. You can check them here

Strike Force news -Revolver, 29/02

Optimizer let me know that they've put up a skin pack at their page. Here's what he had to say:
Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that we have posted the first
set of SF team skins by Threader, does he rock or what?? Check out how real
the faces look. Each team will have color variations and 8 different faces
to choose from. Head over to the site and check it out! We also posted 4
ingame pics of Salvations map!
You can check it all at Strike Force.

Preacher sends word of a few new Strike Force screenshots he recieved. Check them at Unreality

Infiltration interview -Revolver, 29/02
KungFu over at Unrealism scored an interview with Jesse "Warren" Taylor, project coördinator at Infiltration. Check the two page interview at Unrealism

Mod Dev. Week -Revolver, 29/02
Gamespy is running a mod developer week. They've got two essays by Warren (infiltration) and Brandon Reinhart (epic). Check the poop at Gamespy

DE interview -Revolver, 29/02
The boys over at Loonygames put up a six page long interview with Dave Ewing and Pancho Eekels from Digital Extremes. They talk about lots of things. Check it out at Loonygames

Zero Ping On Dial Up? -Gargoyle, 28/02
How would like to have Lan like game play for UT on your stone age Dial Up Internet connection?? A little Mutator named Zeroping claims to be able of doing it. If you want to know more & I'm sure most of you do, give ZeroPing a visit. I'll most likely have ZeroPing on the old UC/Gargoyle server, if it does what it claims, when its released. 

406 Patch! Woo Hoo!!! -Gargoyle, 26/02
After reading about the 406 patch, I'm very excited about 1 Server Admin feature the new patch with offer. With this new feature I'll be able to redirect all players to Unreal Center for auto Downloading any files needed for our server when they try to connect to our server. That means I can leave our player limit higher & not have to worry about the players in the game getting any Download lag. Also this should allow for very high transfer rates for the Downloaders. UT just keeps getting better & better, wouldn't you have to agree??? 

UT Bonus Pack Released -Gargoyle, 25/02
Ok folks. I know its been a long time in waiting, & its out finally. You can pick up the Free UT Bonus Pack on the Gargoyle's Server page.  

3D realms interview -Revolver, 25/02
We at Unreal Center were able to talk to 3D realms level designer John Anderson. We talk about Duke4Ever and level designing. Check the interview with John Anderson at Unreal Center

UT Patch 406 -Revolver, 25/02
Unreal Universe recieved a list of bug fixes for the next UT patch 406. Nothing major this time. Read more»

Unreal 2 ED -Revolver, 25/02
Mark Poesch updated his .plan with the good news of a second Unreal Ed. The New UnrealEd is in development by Warren Marshall. Check Mark Poesch's .plan for the poop. 

Bonus Pack Very Soon -Gargoyle, 24/02
Word over at Voodoo Extreme is that the UT Bonus Pack will be out tomorrow. Heres the poop.

  • Gamecenter will team up with Epic Games to premiere the Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack on Friday, February 25. The free bonus pack will be available as a download to all Unreal Tournament fans. It includes three new skins, 11 new multiplayer levels, and a new feature, Relics. These are special items that grant special powers. Relics will grant increased strength or speed, or even explode after you die in order to avenge your death. So check back here on Friday for your chance to download this exciting new development for Unreal Tournament.


    Links, links, links -Revolver, 24/02
    I've updated the links page with even more links! Check the Links page

    Ulight -Revolver, 24/02
    Wolf's Unreal recieved Ulight, it is a small FREEWARE application written in Visual Basic 6 that allows you to open the Windows Color Common Dialog Box and pick the color you want. It then converts the color values to the approximate Hue, Saturation and Brightness values you enter in UnrealEd to acheive that light color. Grab it at Wolf's Unreal

    UTBooty reviews -Revolver, 24/02
    Twice sends word of three new reviews at UT Booty. The reviews are done by nickel, SlackJaw and a new member called Gonk. Read the reviews and download the maps at UT Booty

    Bonus Pack update -Revolver, 24/02
    The girls over at Voodoo Extreme were able to squize some bonus pack info from Mark Rein:

    Are you talking about the Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack? It's more than just a patch my friend and it's continue to be in the "coming soon" department.
    Look for a press release towards the end of next week.

    Mark Rein
    Epic Games Inc.

    Maybe they can better move on to the "coming very, very, very soon" department? 

    Monster Madness -Revolver, 24/02
    Meltdown sends word of a new mutator called Monster Madness, It adds monsters from Unreal Single Player to any gametype. Killing them will give you a frag, killing a Titan or a Warlord will give you 3 frags because they are so much harder to kill (a Titan that hasn't been hurt yet can get a full redeemer blast and live through it!)Grab 'em at Unreal Tower

    ELSA Graphics card -elmo, 24/02
    Hmm..... the german company had released its new 3D acclerator since January 31,2000. check out the review at www.tomshardware.com

    or you can ask me at elmo@unrealcenter.com 

    Windows 2000 -elmo, 24/02
    I have personally tested and evaluated Windows 2000 amd I have had to conclude that W2K is hopeless for gaming purposes at the moment, althought it is good for busniess purposes. The W2K drivers are (or as 1 person put it) "uncomprehesible".

    Do you have any questions or comments about Windows 2000? mail me at elmo@unrealcenter.com  

    Community happenings -Revolver, 23/02
    First, some Fightclub pimpage:

    The rules of Fight Club are simply. You fight. Every week, there will
    be a little get together on ICQ chat. Then we set a server & have the
    challenges. All matches will be 20 frag limit & 15 minute time limit. To
    schedule a match, you must challenge someone. Now there can be on your own
    time fights, in which you simply email me how many games you won or loss &
    your opponent (1 win is when the frag limit is reached, not how many frags
    you get, just how many games are going on, & if you don't get the frag limit
    you get 1 loss.. The day of the week that we will hold these matches will be
    4pm PST. I will have you set on upcoming events for the matches to come. Now
    every month I will hold a Main Event. This will have all title shots, plus
    some other just fun games. Those events will be held on Sundays around noon
    PST. Same meeting place.
    There are currently 5 championships. Fight Club Championship ... the
    best of the best, Deathmatch Championship ... owner of DM, InstaGib
    Championship ... for those quick deaths, Team Deathmatch Championship ...
    two heads work better than one, Sniper Arena Championship ... you were in my
    sites then you died :). The only championship that cannot be challenged for
    is the Fight Club Championship. The only way you can get a shot at it is, is
    to win a Main Event free for all, or beg me (trust me I can be nice :P ).
    Please PLEASE PLEASE!!! I want people to challenge the champs for their
    titles. For the weekly thing it would be nice for people to have the chance.
    Now click here to learn how to challenge people.
    This is a new idea. Where we have groups of people who can challenge as
    a group, make alliances with other groups, etc. You can either join a
    faction, create a new one, or not join one at all. These factions will be
    also for CTF games, Assault, etc.

    Check everything at Fightclub.

    The Danish UT clan No Fear needs someone to create a skin for them. Check their site here.

    Salvador is starting a clan for Infiltration, then you can contact him at ICQ# 58033851.

    I'm gonna post an interview with 3D Realms' John Anderson soon. Note: It's gonna be the last interview until after E3.

    Slave Master beta -Revolver, 23/02
    Preacher sends word of the release of the Slave Master beta. Grab em here

    Justin Chin Q&A updated -Revolver, 23/02
    The dudes over at Gamefan updated their daily Q&A with Justin Chin from the Infinite Machine. Here's da questions:

    GameFan: What are your plans for E3?

    Justin: We have some big plans. We'll be showing New Legends -combat stuff, animations, cool levels, etc. From there on out, there may be some screen shots introduced on the internet. It's going to be a blast. If anyone wants to meet the team, please stop by the booth. Most of us will be there and showing off the game. There are more plans, but I wouldn't want to take away from GT/Infograme's marketing fire.

    Oh, and I usually visit John Romero and Tom Hall at the Eidos booth. There's always have something... um... interesting going on over there. If you know what I mean...


    Deus Ex Preview -Revolver, 23/02
    The boys and girls over at Daily Radar continue their spotlight on Deus Ex with a preview of Ion Storm's upcoming RPG. Here's the traditional slice:

    Within all the turmoil, gangs like the Russian Mafia and the Hong Kong triads have flourished like roaches in a sewer. The only relic left to defend something like order and law is the United Nations Anti-Terror Coalition (UNATCO) and their nano-enhanced special agents. Their battle is not only global but local. A plague called the "Gray Death" has devastated the world's population, leaving isolated urban areas in the control of brutal gangs .

    Check the full preview and some screenshots at Daily Radar

    Huge Tech Page Update -Revolver, 23/02
    Both Tim Sweeney and Brandon Reinhart updated the Unreal Technology Page. Brandon Reinhart updated the page with the announcment of Action: UT and Tim Sweeney talks about questions he gets asked a lot. Just check the huge update at the Unreal Technology Page

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