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Wednesday, Mar 1  

Server Guide
Gargoyle has written a server guide. Pretty cool for people who want to start their own server. Grab em here.

Latest Headlines
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Rune Dev Update -Revolver, 29/02

Billy asked Human Head's Chris Rhinehart for another development update on their pcoming viking game, Rune. You can check Chris' reply at Voodoo Extreme

DS9 The Fallen shots -Revolver, 29/02

The Federation HQ recieved some screenshots showing the Unrealengine game DS9: The Fallen. Pretty cool shots. You can check them here

Strike Force news -Revolver, 29/02

Optimizer let me know that they've put up a skin pack at their page. Here's what he had to say:
Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that we have posted the first
set of SF team skins by Threader, does he rock or what?? Check out how real
the faces look. Each team will have color variations and 8 different faces
to choose from. Head over to the site and check it out! We also posted 4
ingame pics of Salvations map!
You can check it all at Strike Force.

Preacher sends word of a few new Strike Force screenshots he recieved. Check them at Unreality

Infiltration interview -Revolver, 29/02
KungFu over at Unrealism scored an interview with Jesse "Warren" Taylor, project coördinator at Infiltration. Check the two page interview at Unrealism

Mod Dev. Week -Revolver, 29/02
Gamespy is running a mod developer week. They've got two essays by Warren (infiltration) and Brandon Reinhart (epic). Check the poop at Gamespy

DE interview -Revolver, 29/02
The boys over at Loonygames put up a six page long interview with Dave Ewing and Pancho Eekels from Digital Extremes. They talk about lots of things. Check it out at Loonygames

Zero Ping On Dial Up? -Gargoyle, 28/02
How would like to have Lan like game play for UT on your stone age Dial Up Internet connection?? A little Mutator named Zeroping claims to be able of doing it. If you want to know more & I'm sure most of you do, give ZeroPing a visit. I'll most likely have ZeroPing on the old UC/Gargoyle server, if it does what it claims, when its released. 

406 Patch! Woo Hoo!!! -Gargoyle, 26/02
After reading about the 406 patch, I'm very excited about 1 Server Admin feature the new patch with offer. With this new feature I'll be able to redirect all players to Unreal Center for auto Downloading any files needed for our server when they try to connect to our server. That means I can leave our player limit higher & not have to worry about the players in the game getting any Download lag. Also this should allow for very high transfer rates for the Downloaders. UT just keeps getting better & better, wouldn't you have to agree??? 

UT Bonus Pack Released -Gargoyle, 25/02
Ok folks. I know its been a long time in waiting, & its out finally. You can pick up the Free UT Bonus Pack on the Gargoyle's Server page.  

3D realms interview -Revolver, 25/02
We at Unreal Center were able to talk to 3D realms level designer John Anderson. We talk about Duke4Ever and level designing. Check the interview with John Anderson at Unreal Center

UT Patch 406 -Revolver, 25/02
Unreal Universe recieved a list of bug fixes for the next UT patch 406. Nothing major this time. Read more»

Unreal 2 ED -Revolver, 25/02
Mark Poesch updated his .plan with the good news of a second Unreal Ed. The New UnrealEd is in development by Warren Marshall. Check Mark Poesch's .plan for the poop. 

Bonus Pack Very Soon -Gargoyle, 24/02
Word over at Voodoo Extreme is that the UT Bonus Pack will be out tomorrow. Heres the poop.

  • Gamecenter will team up with Epic Games to premiere the Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack on Friday, February 25. The free bonus pack will be available as a download to all Unreal Tournament fans. It includes three new skins, 11 new multiplayer levels, and a new feature, Relics. These are special items that grant special powers. Relics will grant increased strength or speed, or even explode after you die in order to avenge your death. So check back here on Friday for your chance to download this exciting new development for Unreal Tournament.


    Links, links, links -Revolver, 24/02
    I've updated the links page with even more links! Check the Links page

    Ulight -Revolver, 24/02
    Wolf's Unreal recieved Ulight, it is a small FREEWARE application written in Visual Basic 6 that allows you to open the Windows Color Common Dialog Box and pick the color you want. It then converts the color values to the approximate Hue, Saturation and Brightness values you enter in UnrealEd to acheive that light color. Grab it at Wolf's Unreal

    UTBooty reviews -Revolver, 24/02
    Twice sends word of three new reviews at UT Booty. The reviews are done by nickel, SlackJaw and a new member called Gonk. Read the reviews and download the maps at UT Booty

    Bonus Pack update -Revolver, 24/02
    The girls over at Voodoo Extreme were able to squize some bonus pack info from Mark Rein:

    Are you talking about the Unreal Tournament Bonus Pack? It's more than just a patch my friend and it's continue to be in the "coming soon" department.
    Look for a press release towards the end of next week.

    Mark Rein
    Epic Games Inc.

    Maybe they can better move on to the "coming very, very, very soon" department? 

    Monster Madness -Revolver, 24/02
    Meltdown sends word of a new mutator called Monster Madness, It adds monsters from Unreal Single Player to any gametype. Killing them will give you a frag, killing a Titan or a Warlord will give you 3 frags because they are so much harder to kill (a Titan that hasn't been hurt yet can get a full redeemer blast and live through it!)Grab 'em at Unreal Tower

    ELSA Graphics card -elmo, 24/02
    Hmm..... the german company had released its new 3D acclerator since January 31,2000. check out the review at www.tomshardware.com

    or you can ask me at elmo@unrealcenter.com 

    Windows 2000 -elmo, 24/02
    I have personally tested and evaluated Windows 2000 amd I have had to conclude that W2K is hopeless for gaming purposes at the moment, althought it is good for busniess purposes. The W2K drivers are (or as 1 person put it) "uncomprehesible".

    Do you have any questions or comments about Windows 2000? mail me at elmo@unrealcenter.com  

    Community happenings -Revolver, 23/02
    First, some Fightclub pimpage:

    The rules of Fight Club are simply. You fight. Every week, there will
    be a little get together on ICQ chat. Then we set a server & have the
    challenges. All matches will be 20 frag limit & 15 minute time limit. To
    schedule a match, you must challenge someone. Now there can be on your own
    time fights, in which you simply email me how many games you won or loss &
    your opponent (1 win is when the frag limit is reached, not how many frags
    you get, just how many games are going on, & if you don't get the frag limit
    you get 1 loss.. The day of the week that we will hold these matches will be
    4pm PST. I will have you set on upcoming events for the matches to come. Now
    every month I will hold a Main Event. This will have all title shots, plus
    some other just fun games. Those events will be held on Sundays around noon
    PST. Same meeting place.
    There are currently 5 championships. Fight Club Championship ... the
    best of the best, Deathmatch Championship ... owner of DM, InstaGib
    Championship ... for those quick deaths, Team Deathmatch Championship ...
    two heads work better than one, Sniper Arena Championship ... you were in my
    sites then you died :). The only championship that cannot be challenged for
    is the Fight Club Championship. The only way you can get a shot at it is, is
    to win a Main Event free for all, or beg me (trust me I can be nice :P ).
    Please PLEASE PLEASE!!! I want people to challenge the champs for their
    titles. For the weekly thing it would be nice for people to have the chance.
    Now click here to learn how to challenge people.
    This is a new idea. Where we have groups of people who can challenge as
    a group, make alliances with other groups, etc. You can either join a
    faction, create a new one, or not join one at all. These factions will be
    also for CTF games, Assault, etc.

    Check everything at Fightclub.

    The Danish UT clan No Fear needs someone to create a skin for them. Check their site here.

    Salvador is starting a clan for Infiltration, then you can contact him at ICQ# 58033851.

    I'm gonna post an interview with 3D Realms' John Anderson soon. Note: It's gonna be the last interview until after E3.

    Slave Master beta -Revolver, 23/02
    Preacher sends word of the release of the Slave Master beta. Grab em here

    Justin Chin Q&A updated -Revolver, 23/02
    The dudes over at Gamefan updated their daily Q&A with Justin Chin from the Infinite Machine. Here's da questions:

    GameFan: What are your plans for E3?

    Justin: We have some big plans. We'll be showing New Legends -combat stuff, animations, cool levels, etc. From there on out, there may be some screen shots introduced on the internet. It's going to be a blast. If anyone wants to meet the team, please stop by the booth. Most of us will be there and showing off the game. There are more plans, but I wouldn't want to take away from GT/Infograme's marketing fire.

    Oh, and I usually visit John Romero and Tom Hall at the Eidos booth. There's always have something... um... interesting going on over there. If you know what I mean...


    Deus Ex Preview -Revolver, 23/02
    The boys and girls over at Daily Radar continue their spotlight on Deus Ex with a preview of Ion Storm's upcoming RPG. Here's the traditional slice:

    Within all the turmoil, gangs like the Russian Mafia and the Hong Kong triads have flourished like roaches in a sewer. The only relic left to defend something like order and law is the United Nations Anti-Terror Coalition (UNATCO) and their nano-enhanced special agents. Their battle is not only global but local. A plague called the "Gray Death" has devastated the world's population, leaving isolated urban areas in the control of brutal gangs .

    Check the full preview and some screenshots at Daily Radar

    Huge Tech Page Update -Revolver, 23/02
    Both Tim Sweeney and Brandon Reinhart updated the Unreal Technology Page. Brandon Reinhart updated the page with the announcment of Action: UT and Tim Sweeney talks about questions he gets asked a lot. Just check the huge update at the Unreal Technology Page

  • Picture of the day

    A shot of a map I am working on. Give me some feedback at revolver@unrealcenter.com.

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